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Soul Gate

the blockchain trading card game
The Pokemon of Solana meets Hearthstone

Soul Gate. The Trading Card and Role-Playing Game on Solana. An adventure that brings blockchain characters to life. Experience the  super fun "play & earn" journey  into the soul gate. 

- Gameplay is similar to popular games, but with truly novel mechanics

- Genesis set inspired by both native and partner art/lore

- Partner NFTs can be used in-game, with card type and effects determined by traits

- Game modes include casual and ranked PvP (standard & draft formats), single and multi player campaign, and tournament events

- We want to provide utility to partner NFT projects. Hit us up, fam!

* Card art is not final *

SELECT HERO                  BUILD DECK               BATTLE FOR REWARD$

Alpha Game Dev Teaser


* Card backs are not final *

Card Art



Profile Pics

& more... 

Want to alpha test it? Get in touch!

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