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The Sneks were the first 10k free mint on Solana. The true headline of Solana Summer, the Sneks mint was hyped beyond belief. Good thing OGs got a 3-second head start :kek:


On secondary markets, The Sneks quickly hit 25k trading volume - back when SOL hovered between $140 and $240 USD. Many Sneks still live on Digital Eyes and Solanart, though most have migrated over to Magic Eden.


Real Solana OGs remember the Sneks mint. Lots of degen money was made, and lots of degen memories, too.


After a lot of conversation and debate within the DAO, the founders let the community decide where to go with the collection, eventually resulting in a DAO-wide vote in favor of allowing holders to convert their 2D sneks into 3D works of art!

The only way to acquire a 3D snek was to sacrifice the 2D snek. 2,123 sneks were sacrificed to the pyre in an unholy ceremony that still resonates among the community to this very day.


This mass sacrifice spawned a whole new collection named Sneks 3D. 

2D    3D


Community DAO

When the collection split, so too did the community. The 3D conversion divided holders and put a stop to the momentum gained.

Promises previously made were scrapped;  the original founder moved on.


But all was not lost! The community that remained formed a DAO Council to guide the project into a new era.


The Sneks DAO Council is making plansss. 

We are always on the lookout for technical web3 talent to help bring our ideas to life. If you're a blockchain dev, js or react wiz, pixel powerhouse or 3D modeler, we'd love to hear from you!

Find us in our Discord or drop usss a line at

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